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The 21st. Century Evolution Of Indirect Ophthalmoscopy
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Aim of the web
  1.The device is simple, cheap and very efficient. 
  2.It depends on the same optical system “Plain mirrors” to achieve the sideways displacement of the visualized image. It is cheaper, lighter and easier to repair. 

  3.It has a fixed optical system, thus avoiding the repeated manual adjusting of the interpupillary distances for each user. So the unit will be protected form damage induced due to excessive manual manipulations mainly during hospital use. . 

  4.Although it is a fixed system, it induces a Total Sideways Displacement of the visualized image ranging from 45 mm. To 80 mm. Thus it covers all the possible inter-pupillary distances. 

  5.Incorporation of the Erecting Optical System to examine A Real Erect Image makes the procedure more easily integrated and more comfortable for the future young ophthalmologists. 

  6.The system is applicable for all indirect opthalmoscopes.