The optically active lamp

Comparative economical and functional study between The Optically Active Lamp and other lamps used for already present marketable devices

The Optically Active Lamp Other lamps already used
Price 0.4 of an American dollar. 25 American dollars.
Light beam emitted
  1. One can obtain cylindrical co-axial bundle. Also the cross diameter of the bundle can be controlled directly, to control the area illuminated at a certain distance perfectly.



  3. One can obtain conical co-axial bundle. Also the apical angle of this conical beam can be perfectly controlled to cover a specific field at certain distance. Also the illumination is homogeneous all through the field of illumination although it is a conical bundle.
  4. One can obtain a Slit beam directly. Also one can control the width and height of the slit beam according to the required purpose.
Divergent in directions
Condensation of light Direct and controllable according to the desired purpose. Always indirect and need to add other optical media to condense light emitted, either by condensing lenses, reflectors or con.
Light beam tilt Direct and controllable. One can control angle of light beam tilt in relation to the principle axis of lamp from Zero to 145 degrees directly. Always indirect and need to add other optical media to bend the light beam emitted, either by prisms or reflectors.
Applications Infinite numbers of applications medical and non medical: Specific and limited to a certain model and cannot be used for any other ones.

Patent Issued No. & Dates

(19439#29/6/95) (19545#29/6/95)(19915#31/10/96)(18500# 28/2/93).


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